Required Documents

Required Documents


  • Documents of previous education:
    • 7. - 9. grade - report card or a progress report from the previous school

    • 10. grade - primary education completion diploma and grade report card;

    • 11. grade - primary education completion diploma and 10th grade report card

    • 12. grade - primary education completion diploma and 10th and 11th grade report card

    • If the student has studied in a school abroad then please submit the report card, showing all subjects and grades, from this school.

  • Application for admission;
  • Passport (for minors - a birth certificate and a parents passport);

  • Document about a surname change (if the surname has been changed);

  • 1 photo (you also have an opportunity to take photos on the spot-at school);

  • A note from a family doctor (minors- Form Nr. 026/u, adults- Form Nr.027/u);

  • Application processing fee 30 EUR.


When joining our school, we take in to account the marks from subjects that have been obtained in previous schools. On the spot we perform an evaluation and equate the programs and subjects. The student only studies and pays for the subjects that are necessary for their chosen R1DEHS program. 

Trust your school, because we guarantee integrity and quality!


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