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The study process at Riga 1. Distance Education High School, in accordance with the educational program, individual work done by the using distance learning methods.


In order to get an education in the 21st century you do not necessarily have to spend the whole day at school. So, now there is an alternative - online education - distance learning. Thus, you can acquire primary school education (Grade 7-9) as well as high school education (Grade 10-12).


Apply and learn with distance education! To apply, fill out the application form.


Each subject is planned with a certain number of full-time group counseling, individual counseling full-time and part-time (on-site and individual consultations are not mandatory, but recommended), as well as tests that need to be completed on a schedule or a specially designed individual study plan according to the learner's interests and needs.

The training process is organized in an especially created e-learning environment Eskola, which contains extensive information for students (news, on-site / off-site group counseling schedule, full-time / part-time individual counseling schedule, off-site test schedules, subjects thematic plans, distance learning supplementary materials, subject videos, test ratings, as well as the schools internal regulations, etc.) that contribute to the time saving, provide a quick assessment of the results and help to develop information technology skills. Distance learning environment Eskola is only available for R1DEHS students.



Want to get a secondary education or primary education? Learn by using distance learning!  To apply, fill out the application form.


Distance learning is an opportunity to plan time yourself. This way you will be able to learn from home and spend as much time for it as you can. Time management is a great skill to have. All you will need is a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access.

When choosing an educational institution, the attitudes and views of the school staff and administration are important. in this respect, the students of Riga 1. Distance Education High School will certainly be in luck, as with any outstanding questions they can turn to the schools administration, that will answer any questions with great and friendly attitude. The same can be said of the school teachers, who are competent in their respective fields.

If during the learning process you feel like you could benefit from individual consultations, you have the opportunity to keep in contact with teachers using Skype. After arranging a time with a teacher you will be able to get answers to any questions or concerns you might still have concerning your subject.


Distance education programs help people, who are unable because of family, work health conditions or other reasons, to attend a full time educational institution, and to receive their education. Modern technology greatly facilitates our daily lives, as well as education. Do wait until September - every moment is a suitable time to start learning.


Learn simply! Use Distance education! In order to begin your studies, please fill out the application form.


Riga 1.Distance Education High School is your opportunity to complete primary education (Grade 7.- 9.) or secondary education (Grade 10. -12.), studying on the Internet. Education is the foundation for the future growth of each person; we wish you luck and we are ready to help you to achieve your success!


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