Riga 1. Distance Education High School has its own symbolism. On this page anyone can find out what Riga 1. Distance Education High Schools logo, motto and anthem looks and sounds like.


1. Logo

The schools reputation and how it’s reflected has always been important to us, so the addition of no. 1, we would like to remind people that we are both founders of Latvian distance learning and the best in our field.


The logo has two versions – horizontal and vertical. 





What version is suitable in each specific case, determines the environment in which the designed the logo is inserted. It is regarded as a standard horizontal logo, but if for some reason its use is technically impossible or visually unappealing, it can be replaced with a vertical logo.



The symbol of the logo

The logo without the text is used in cases where the small size of the textual part is illegible, and when the Riga 1. Distance Education High School’s reputation is self-evident.



2. School motto


Learn easy! - one of the core values at R1DEHS,simple learning is the basis for everything we do and creating the E-School learning environment, as well as providing the students all the necessary learning material, including video lectures and teacher-made study materials.


The School motto can be used both together and separately with the school logo.


3. Presentation template


While creating study materials and presentations one of the most important parts is the visual design. We offer our teachers and students to use R1DEHS presentation template.


Presentation template (LATVIAN)



4. Anthem

Word and music author: Mareks Pelsis
Written in 2014.


Song for my school.

Whichever side of the land is now my home,
School gives me a hand, day or night.
With me, no matter how well I’m doing,
Before the next phase of life has begun


My destiny has planned a long way for me to walk,
Where people sing songs in a different tongue.
I surely know, the school will help me take care,
To my heart Mother earths flowers bloom.


When my life’s tuned cello strings.
Standing happy at the beginning of a new road.
With bread I got in Riga.
The first distance education high school. .


With your head up I'm standing at the crossroads of life,
I do everything in my power that seems to be within reach and close.
In school I gave up before the feet,
This is all valuable to me the easiest way.


Listen anthem (audio): 

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