Why study at R1DEHS

Ten reasons to study at R1DEHS


1. Individual study schedule.


2. The study process is ensured by specially designed study materials and video lectures.


3. Fast and convenient document processing. In agreement with the school administration, the documents may also be sent by mail. 


4. Professional and supportive teachers. Understanding and motivating school administration.


5. After graduation you are ready for the next educational institution in Latvia or elsewhere in the world.


6. Simple and understandable conditions of the contract between the school and the student. 


7. Affordable tuition fees and flexible payment schedule.


8. Easy to get to school, both public and private transport. Free parking. 


9. The school has 5 years of positive experience in management of distance learning.


10. The school's core values: openness, honesty and interest. 



Come and join Riga 1. Distance Education High School and obtain your primary and secondary education! 

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