Privacy policy

1. Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide the natural person - the data subject - with information on the purpose, scope, protection and duration of the processing of personal data at the time of collection.

2. Contact details

The controller of the personal data processing is SIA "V.V. Mācību centrs", a structural unit of which is Riga 1. Distance Education High school (hereinafter - R1DEHS), registration no. - 53603062391, legal address - "Iklāvi", Iecavas novads, LV-3913.

R1DEHS contact information for matters related to the processing of personal data is: You can ask questions about the processing of personal data using this contact information or by contacting the registered office of R1TV. A request to exercise your rights may be made in accordance with paragraph 11.

3. Scope of the document

3.1 Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, as well as data through which it is possible to identify the identified person. The categories of personal data specified in this section are 
3.2 The Privacy Policy applies to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data relating to:

natural persons - learners, alumni, website visitors, users of any R1DEHS services (including potential, former and existing users), as well as third parties who, in connection with the provision of services to a natural person, receive or transmit to R1DEHS any information that can be associated with and also defined as the subject's personal data (including contact persons, payers, etc.);
Visitors to the websites and mobile applications maintained by R1DEHS ("Customers").
3.3 Through the services offered by the Website, the Website Owner may collect the following personal data of the User: name, surname, telephone number, email address and IP address. The User may additionally voluntarily provide other data related to the User in connection with the User's questions or comments.
3.4 R1DEHS shall take care of the privacy and protection of personal data of its Customers and shall respect the right of its Customers to the lawfulness of the processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable law - the Personal Data Protection Act, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Regulation) and other applicable privacy and data processing legislation.
3.5 The Privacy Policy applies to data processing regardless of the form and medium in which the Customer provides personal data (R1DEHS website, mobile apps, paper, by telephone or by sending information electronically) and in which systems it is processed.
3.6 Additional, specific rules may be set for specific types of data processing (e.g. cookie processing, etc.), environments or purposes, of which the Customer is informed at the time of providing the relevant data to R1DEHS.

4. Purposes of processing personal data
Riga 1 Distance Education High School processes personal data for the following purposes

4.1. for the provision of services and sale of services/goods:

  • Identification of the customer;
  • preparation and conclusion of a contract;
  • delivery of goods and provision of services (performance of contractual obligations);
  • for the operation of the services;
  • improving services or developing new services;
  • promoting the use of the service;
  • advertising and distribution of services and offers or commercial purposes;
  • customer service;
  • handling and processing objections;
  • measuring satisfaction and service quality;
  • billing administration;
  • debt recovery and collection;
  • maintaining and improving websites and mobile applications.

4.2 Business planning and analytics:

  • Statistics and business analysis;
  • Planning and accounting;
  • performance measurement;
  • data quality assurance;
  • market and public opinion research;
  • reporting;
  • conducting customer surveys.

4.3. to provide information to state administration authorities and subjects of operational activity in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments.
4.4. for other specific purposes, which the Customer is informed about at the time of providing certain data to Riga 1 Distance Education High School.

5. Legal basis for processing personal data

5.1. R1DEHS  processes the Customer's personal data on the following legal grounds:

  • for the conclusion and performance of a contract - to conclude a contract at the Customer's request and to ensure its performance;
  • for compliance with laws and regulations - to comply with an obligation imposed on R1DEHS by binding external laws and regulations;
  • in accordance with the wishes and actions of the Client, the data subject, e.g. filling in application forms for certain purposes, such as free study materials;
  • in accordance with the consent of the Client - data subject;
  • legitimate (legitimate) interests - to pursue legitimate (legitimate) interests of R1DEHS arising out of an obligation or contract between R1DEHS and the Customer or arising out of the law.

5.2 R1DEHS legitimate interests are:

  • to provide access to primary and secondary education to all interested persons through the electronic medium and beyond;
  • to carry out commercial activities in the field of education provision;
  • to verify the identity of the Customer before entering into a contract;
  • to ensure the fulfilment of contractual obligations;
  • to keep records of Customer applications and requests for the purchase of goods and services, other applications and requests, and notes thereon, including those made orally, by calling the Study Support Centre, by providing written information on paper or electronically and on websites;
  • analyse the performance of the R1SEHS website, web pages and mobile applications, and develop and implement improvements to them;
  • administer the Client's account on the R1SEHS websites, internet sites and mobile applications;
  • perform Customer retention activities;
  • segment the Customer database for more efficient service delivery;
  • Develop existing and develop new services;
  • advertise its goods and services by sending commercial communications;
  • send other communications about the progress of the Contract and events relevant to the performance of the Contract, and conduct surveys of Customers about the goods and services and their experience of using them;
  • provide financial and business accounting and analytics;
  • ensure efficient business management processes;
  • efficiency of service delivery and related processes;
  • ensure and improve the quality of services;
  • administer payments;
  • administer missed payments;
  • apply to public administration and enforcement authorities and the courts to protect their legal interests;
  • inform the public about its activities.

6. Processing of personal data

6.1 R1DEHS processes Customer Data taking into account the privacy risks involved and the organisational, financial and technical resources available to R1DEHS. 

6.2 R1DEHS may carry out automated decision-making with respect to the Customer. The Customer shall be informed of such activities of R1DEHS separately in accordance with the laws and regulations. The Customer may object to automated decision-making in accordance with the law, however, with the understanding that in certain cases this may restrict the Customer's right to take advantage of certain opportunities potentially available to them (e.g. to receive commercial offers).

6.3 Automated decision-making which produces legal effects for the Customer may only be carried out in the course of the conclusion or performance of a contract between R1DEHS and the Customer or on the basis of the Customer's express consent.

6.4 In order to ensure the qualitative and operative performance of the obligations under the contract concluded with the Customer, R1DEHS may authorise its business partners operating on the basis of a cooperation agreement to perform certain service provision activities, such as invitations to participate in the testing of the introduction of new services. If, in the performance of these tasks, R1DEH'S business partners process Customer Personal Data held by R1DEHS, the relevant R1SEHS business partners shall be deemed to be R1SEH'S data processors (processors) and R1DEHS shall have the right to transfer Customer Personal Data necessary for the performance of these activities to R1DEH'S business partners to the extent necessary for the performance of these activities

6.5 R1DEH'S business partners (as data processors) will ensure that the processing and protection of personal data is carried out in accordance with R1DEH'S requirements and legislation and will not use personal data for any purpose other than to fulfil the obligations under the contract entered into with the Customer or a request sent (in paper form, by telephone or electronically) on R1DEH'S behalf.

7. Protection of personal data

R1DEHS shall protect Customer Data taking into account the privacy risks and the organisational, financial and technical resources available to R1DEHS, including through the following security measures:

  • Encryption of data in transit (SSL encryption);
  • Intrusion protection and detection programs;
  • Other security measures in accordance with current technical developments.

8. Categories of recipients of personal data

R1DEHSshall not disclose to third parties the Customer's personal data or any information obtained during the provision of the services and during the term of the contract, including information about electronic communications, content or other services received, except:

  • if the third party concerned is required to provide the data within the framework of the concluded contract in order to perform a function necessary for the performance of the contract or delegated by law (e.g. to a bank for billing purposes or to provide another service, as notified to the Customer in the relevant service contract);
  • pursuant to the Customer's express and unambiguous consent;
  • to persons provided for in external laws and regulations upon their reasonable request, in the manner and to the extent provided for in internal and external laws and regulations;
  • in the cases provided for by external laws and regulations for the protection of R1DEH's legitimate interests, e.g. by taking legal action in court or before other public authorities against a person who has infringed such legitimate interests of R1DEHS.

9. Access to personal data by third-country subjects

9.1 In certain cases, subject to regulatory requirements, R1DEH's personal data is accessed by developers or service providers located in third countries (i.e. countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area) in the capacity of a data processor (operator) (within the meaning of the Regulation - transfers to third countries).

9.2 In such cases, R1DEHS shall ensure that the procedures set out in the laws and regulations are in place to ensure a level of processing and protection of personal data equivalent to that required by the Regulation.

10. Duration of storage of personal data

10.1 R1DEHS shall store and process the Customer's personal data for as long as at least one of the following criteria exists:

  • only for as long as the contract with the Customer is valid;
  • as long as the service requested by the Customer through the website tools, by telephone, by electronic mail or by paper application is not provided;
  • until R1DEHS or the Customer can exercise its legitimate interests (e.g. to file objections or to bring or pursue legal action) in accordance with internal and external laws and regulations;
  • as long as either party is legally obliged to retain the data;
  • as long as the Customer's consent to the processing of the personal data is valid, unless there is another lawful basis for the processing.

10.2 After the circumstances referred to in paragraph 1 of this section cease to apply, the Customer's personal data shall be deleted.

11. Access to personal data and other rights of the Customer

11.1 The Client has the right to receive the information required by the regulatory enactments in relation to the processing of his/her data.

11.2 In accordance with the laws and regulations, the Customer also has the right to request R1DEHS to access his/her personal data, as well as to request R1DEHS to supplement, correct or delete it, or to restrict processing in relation to the Customer, or the right to object to processing (including processing of personal data based on  R1DEHS legitimate (legitimate) interests), as well as the right to data portability. These rights shall be exercised to the extent that the processing of the data does not result from obligations imposed on  R1DEHS by applicable laws and regulations and which are carried out in the public interest.

11.3 The Customer may submit a request for the exercise of its rights:

  • in writing in person at  R1DEH's office (in Riga, Andreja Saharova iela 35, Room 109), upon presentation of an identity document;
  • by electronic mail, signed with a secure electronic signature.

11.4 Upon receipt of the Client's request to exercise its rights,  R1DEHS shall verify the identity of the Client, assess the request and execute it in accordance with the regulatory enactments.

11.5  R1DEHS shall send the response to the Customer by post to the contact address provided by the Customer by registered letter or electronically, taking into account, as far as possible, the method of receipt of the response provided by the Customer.

11.6  R1DEHS shall ensure compliance with the data processing and data protection requirements in accordance with the laws and regulations and, in the event of an objection by the Customer, shall take reasonable steps to resolve the objection. However, if this fails, the Customer shall have the right to apply to the supervisory authority, the Data State Inspectorate.

12. Customer's consent to data processing and right to withdraw it

12.1 The customer may give consent to the processing of personal data based on consent (e.g. individual offers, advertising of R1DEHS events, etc.) on the website of R1DEHS:, on the application forms for R1DEHS services, on portals/apps of R1DEHS services and R1DEHS cooperation partners or other websites, by calling the R1DEHSSupport Centre and in person at the R1DEHS office or other locations where R1DEHS representatives or R1DEHSV cooperation partners are active.

12.2 A list of the categories of personal data that may be processed pursuant to customer consent and other lawful bases is available here - 

12.3 The Customer has the right to withdraw consent to data processing at any time in the same way as consent was given, i.e. by emailing R1DEHS at, calling the R1TV Support Centre or in person at the R1DEHS office, in which case no further processing of data based on the consent previously given for the specific purpose will be carried out.

12.4 Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the processing of data carried out at the time when the Customer's consent was valid.

12.5 Withdrawal of consent shall not interrupt the processing of data carried out on the basis of other legal grounds.

13. Communication with the Client

13.1R1DEHS shall communicate with the Customer using the contact information provided by the Customer (telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, notifications (notifications) on R1DEH's or its business partners' websites or apps).
13.2 R1DEHS  shall communicate with regard to the performance of contractual service obligations on the basis of the concluded contract (e.g. coordination of service delivery, information on contractual obligations and invoices, planned works, changes to the services, etc.).

14. Commercial notices

14.1 R1DEHS shall communicate commercial communications about R1DEHSV and/or third party services and other communications not directly related to the provision of the agreed services (e.g. customer surveys) in accordance with external laws and regulations or with the Customer's consent.

14.2 R1DEHS may also communicate, including commercial communications, using automatic dialling equipment.

14.3 The Customer may give consent to receive commercial communications from R1DEHS and/or its business partners on the website of Riga 1. Tālmācības vidus školy, on the application forms for R1DEHS services, on portals/apps of R1DEHS services and R1DEHS business partners or other websites, by calling the R1DEHS Support Centre and in person at R1DEHS offices or other locations where R1DEHS representatives or R1DEHS business partners operate.

14.4 Consent given by the Customer to receive commercial communications is valid until revoked (including after termination of the service contract). The Customer may at any time opt-out of receiving further commercial communications in any of the following ways:

  • by sending an e-mail to;
  • by calling the R1DEHS Support Centre;
  • in person at the R1DEHS office;
  • by changing the settings on the devices to receive notifications;
  • by using the automated opt-out option provided in the commercial communication, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the commercial communication (email).

14.5 R1DEHS shall stop sending commercial communications as soon as the Customer's request has been processed. The processing of the request depends on the technological possibilities, which may take up to three days.

14.6 By expressing his/her opinion in surveys and leaving his/her contact details (email, telephone), the Customer agrees that R1DEHS may contact him/her using the contact details provided in connection with the evaluation provided by the Customer.

15. Visits to websites and processing of cookies

15.1 R1DEHS  inter carries. The Cookie Policy is available at

15.2 R1DEHS  websites may contain links to third party websites which have their own terms of use and personal data protection policies for which R1DEHS  is not responsible.

16. Other provisions

16.1 R1DEHS shall have the right to make updates to the Privacy Policy by making the current version available to the Customer in his/her user profile, as well as by posting it on the R1DEHS website.
16.2 R1DEHS shall keep the previous versions of the Privacy Policy and they are available on the R1DEHS website.



This Privacy Policy was last updated on 30.07.2018.

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