Combine schooling with work, sports and family- choose distance learning!

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Learning online is a convenient way to combine daily activities, sports and other activities with studying. If there is a reason that integration into school life might be a struggle, it is definitely worth giving distance education a try. It will certainly be a new and positive experience that can become useful later in life for example when beginning studies at any college or university.


Regardless of the situations we are in, in life we always have a choice- to study or to postpone it to a later time. Among the various forms of learning that educational institutions offer, distance education should be highlighted. This form of studying is bound to those who work, participate in sports or have other reasons as to why they can't attend school on daily basis.


To be able to successfully learn, make use of Riga 1. Distance Education High School benefits: 


  • Study in a place you are most comfortable at (at home, on a business trip, vacation), by using the modern means of communication- the Internet, and study solutions that has been especially crated for distance education, which is available as both a study material and a communication tool for connecting with teachers;
  • Learn by using the electronic materials as well as video lectures that can be viewed on any modern device(smartphone, tablet, etc.); 
  • Study when you have some free time, from any place in the world, determining when and where to do it. Create your own schedule, where you can easily combine studies with work, family or other time consuming hobbies; 
  • The learning process in distance education is simple. The most important part is that distance education is freely available to all, regardless of age, education, place of residence or occupation. If you are willing to partially work independently then distance education is for you.


Our teachers  make sure that the learning process is as varied and interesting as possible and that each of the subjects is presented with the appropriate teaching methods and modern materials.

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