Distance education

Distance learning

Distance learning is often associated with the concepts - open, widely available and flexible. In general, it can be described by the term - open studies, putting emphasis on the following:

  • Studying takes place independently, but teachers - consultants only help, rather than teach;
  • Distance learning is freely available to all, regardless of age, education, occupation or place of residence, only thing needed is access to the Internet;
  • With distance learning everyone can choose the most appropriate educational program or subject;
  • Training methodology and teaching aids (printed text, audio or video recording, etc.) are adapted to the specific course objectives and targets;
  • Students can learn at their own time, place and pace, going back to the more difficult things at another time.


Distance learning has established a stable position in the educational systems of many countries. For example, more than 220 thousand adults are studying in the UK Open University. The short programs are the most popular, but students also have the opportunity to acquire their full Bachelors, Masters or even Doctors degree. Distance learning gives the adults who, for various reasons (work, family circumstances, disability, etc.) have been unable to get an education, the opportunity to get their education


The freedom that this study process enables can help anyone combine their already perhaps usual daily activities, and work with something new. It is nearly impossible to stay in one place in this busy 21st century world, the only way to be ready for what will come tomorrow is by learning how to study today. Distance learning provides an opportunity for anyone to start learning at any time and to improve their education, which will in turn provide them with greater career prospects later in life. Perhaps people themselves don’t notice it, but time puts everything in its place and shows everything in their true light.


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