Riga 1. Distance Education High School - your assistant on the way to your success!


The main aim of Riga 1. Distance Education High School (R1DEHS) is the overall implementation of educational programs, and ensuring access to education through distance education. R1DEHS provides education online, which gives students the option to study anytime, anywhere. This is done by using the modern means of technology and communication.


Experience shows that distance education is a successful learning form as it teaches students to be motivated, they are more able to use and plan their time effectively. They also know how to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, by monitoring and assessing their reasons and objectives for studying, they are also more able to see their career prospects.


If you have found yourself in a situation where work or family might be the priority - choose studying online, don't give up on getting your education. Start studying online at R1DEHS, and find that even if it has been a while since you have studied or been at school, it is not an obsticle.


It is important to highlight that according to the student’s needs, an individual learning plan may be created.


The distance learning process in Riga 1. Distance Education High School is supported by:


  • Supportive and encouraging school administration, who help with resolving any issues a student might have;
  • Friendly teachers who are not only professionals in their field but also people who believe in the idea of distance learning, so they do everything in their power to develop and improve the existing distance education methodologies.


Distance education at R1DEHS is characterized by:


  • Studying online, in the most comfortable study environment for the student (for example, at home), any time, at a pace and in the manner the student preffers (following an individual plan), using modern information and comunication technologies;
  • Studying takes place in the specially designed online learning enviroment, eSkola, in which there are study materials and videos that have been created especially for distance education. These materials briefly and understandably summarize the curriculum so that the student can understand it, and apply it in their independent study process.
  • Starting September 1st of the 2014. /2015 school year, group consultations will take place once a month- on Saturdays (attendance is optional), during which students can revise, systematize and strengthen the skills and knowledge they have learned;
  • Individual Skype consultations;
  • If the student feels the need, individual on-site consultations are also available;
  • Self-knowledge tests and self-assessments
  • Tests are completed online, therefore the student must have use of a computer with an internet connection, so they can download and upload test attachments (the students may use different sources of information, critically evaluating and selecting the information they need)
  • The criteria for test evaluation and clear and understandable, which means that they provide objective assessment.


Distance learning is an education alternative - it is your chance to get primary and secondary education. We invite you to contact the schools administration with any questions you might have.


Riga 1. Distance Education High School-your assistant on the road to your success.

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