Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer. We have gathered the more frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question dont hesitate to email us at or you can also ans your question to our always caring and responsive customer support specialists (look for a button "Ask a question" bellow).


I would like to find out how quickly I can finish high school? How much is it going to cost? When can I begin my studies?


It is possible to finish high school in a single year. Everything depends on how much time you are willing to devote to the study process. You don’t have to wait for a new school year to begin, you can start studying at any time. You have to pay 350 EUR for every class, however you can divide this amount into monthly installments.

Can I apply for school if I have lost the report card from my previous school?


If you don’t have any documents about your previous education, we can request them from your school. Once we receive the documents, we will tell you if you have any missing grades or subjects and then all you will have to do is pass the missing tests and hand in the missing assignments.

If I have already passed one of the national centralized examinations, do I have to do it again?


No, repeating the exam is not necessary. When we issue the certificate, we will write the certificate number and year when the examination was done.

If I have not studied all the subjects that are obligatory at your school can I still apply?


Of course, you can come and study at Riga 1. Distance Education High School. We will complete a progress alignment and you will just have to pass the tests on current and missing secondary school subjects.

Currently I am studying in Grade 10. Can I join your school and finish high school in the next year?


It is possible for you to complete high school in a single year, however you still need to complete all the necessary tests and pass the national centralized examinations.

My daughter is now studying in Grade 7. We have thought about going to work abroad, will she be able to study in your school even if she is in England?


All the study materials and tests can be found online. The only time she would be required to be present in Latvia, is for the Grade 9 national examinations.

Is it possible to enroll in Grade 9, if I haven’t studied for 20 years? How often would I have to come to school?


It doesn’t matter how long it had been since you have been in school. We will perform a progress alignment and welcome you into our school. All the study materials and tests can be found online. The school also offers monthly on-site consultations, however attendance is not mandatory. The only time you would be required to be at school would be the Grade 9 national examinations.

Can I email the necessary documents?


Of course, you can email us the scanned documents. Once we receive them we will send you a submission form and a contract, which you will then have to print, sign and mail back to us by mail.

I graduated from Riga Food Producers Secondary School, where I studied for 3 years as a cook, Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain secondary education. How many years would I need to study?


If the previous educational institution has issued you a certificate of professional training, then we will happily welcome you into Grade 12.

A few years ago I was expelled from Grade 11 for underachievement. Which grade can I enroll in in Riga 1. Distance education High School?


We will admit you into Grade 11, preform a progress alignment and you will just have to improve the insufficient marks.

During Soviet times I passed the national examinations, but didn’t pass a couple of subjects. So I didn’t obtain a diploma for secondary education. Will I need to do my Grade 12 examinations again?


Absolutely not. Exam marks received in the Republic of Latvia don’t have an expiration date. You will only have to pass the missing subjects.

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