Secondary Education

Secondary Education, Grade 10-12


Before you fill out the Application form, check out both profiles of educational programs and choose the most suitable for you! 


1. General Secondary Education Program (A general education profile which includes educational programs without specifically emphasized subjects)

Program code: 31011014 (distance learning),
Program License No. V-7864,
Program accreditation No. 10186


The specific objective of this educational program is to provide access to education in the form of distance learning for individuals who are unable to regularly attend school (due to employment, housing, health, social or other reasons), who prefer individual learning pace and are prepared for a lot of individual learning.


Assignment of this comprehensive learning program is to ensure a balanced education for all school subjects and develop an interest for a variety of human activities, and scientific fields.



 Latvian language arts Physics
Literature Chemistry
 English language arts Biology
 Mathematics Music
 History of Latvia and World History Health studies
Informatics Politics and freedom studies
Psychology  -




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2. Academic secondary education program with a humanities and social sciences profile ( This educational program puts special emphasis on subjects in the humanities and social sciences)

Program code: 31012014 (distance learning)
Program License No. V-7865,
Program accreditation No. 10187.


The aim of the humanities and social emphasis in the education program is to provide an opportunity for students to learn, widen and deepen the language and social sciences subjects, to develop the skills of orientation in contemporary society, the socio-economic relations, in-depth understanding of the Latvian people and other European cultures and world cultures in the context of promoting the competitiveness of humanities and social science studies.

 Latvian language arts Science
Literature Music
 English language arts Russian language arts
 Mathematics Politics and freedom studies
 World History and the history of Latvia Art
Informatics Health studies
Psychology  -


The training process includes:

  • Especially designed comprehensive distance learning training tools / concise summaries;
  • Video lectures;
  • On-site group counseling;
  • Skype consultations;
  • Tests;
  • Individual approach.


Learning is really easy and understandable because, according to the study program, each month you must learn only 3 subjects and pass a test for each of them.


The curriculum has been set up to be as simple as possible and much more focused on our busy students.


We have prepared a comfortable learning environment and electronic study materials for studying, that are accessible from anywhere, wherever you have the Internet access. 



Study with distance education! For applying, complete  the application form.




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